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Margaret Hamilton Project for Talented Youngsters

Co-founder and Investor
First MVP launched in a primary school

We initiated a program to provide free programming scholarships to primary and secondary students, aiming to achieve gender parity and dismantle socioeconomic hurdles, thus nurturing future tech role models.

The data is overwhelming. 3 out ofevery 100 vocational training students and 8 out of every 100 universitystudents in the STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics)are women. With those figures, it's no surprise that one of the biggestchallenges facing the tech sector is the lack of diversity.

During my time at 47 Degrees, we always did everything possibleto promote and support the underrepresented sectors in the tech field. But theproblem is deep-rooted; it's not enough to try to solve it at the employmentstage, where the gap is already more than evident. We need to go to the source:to schools. That's where we can and must offer role models and elevatescientific and technological literacy with the goal of boosting the presence ofwomen in tech professions tomorrow.

That's why the project was created, to foster reference figuresamong primary and secondary school students. What do we want? More MargaretHamiltons in school playgrounds!

A project we are implementing in a public school in Cádiz,through which we grant scholarships to boys and girls to access programmingcourses, ensuring two basic aspects: on the one hand, gender equality among thestudents; and on the other, breaking the socioeconomic barrier by allowingstudents to enjoy this extracurricular activity for free.

Here some pictures and information about our very firstMargaret Hamilton classroom, looking forward to replicate this in another school.


Our students and future talents!

And a graphic of our first attendees in a quick view
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