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Design Graduate, a project by the Institute, extends this mission digitally, offering video-based training for those aiming to begin or enhance their UX/UI design careers with a blend of intellectual maturity, design history, and practical application.

I'm a proud alumnus of Instituto Tramontana, where I studied 'Product Management'.

I don't know if this happens to you, too, but my comfort zone is pretty far away from me. I don't like standing still and am always involved in something. That's why, when the pandemic hit and some projects had to be put on hold, I saw it as an opportunity to set a new goal: to grow professionally through training. I found exactly what I needed in Tramontana's executive program.

At Instituto Tramontana, I discovered that another way of teaching, managing, and leading is possible and that, my friends, is enlightening and extraordinary.

This new way of teaching, based on closeness, experience, and looking to the past to find the foundations of what was learned, undoubtedly marked a before and after in how I understand, apply, and develop my work. It's because of this, that when I saw the opportunity to invest in a product from them, I did not have any doubt.

Design Graduate is the online daughter of Tramontana. An online training product chosen by those aspiring to start or strengthen their career in the UX/UI design profession with intellectual maturity, design history, and practicing what is learned.

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