Mentorship Program

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Hey there!

I'm such a privileged. My professional journey has been surrounded by awesome and generous people who've shared their knowledge and insights with me.

And now? It's my turn to pay it forward.


My Mentorship Program

This is about opening doors for those who have yet to have as many opportunities to shine in the tech scene.

We're talking about a free mentorship program that's free and aimed explicitly at uplifting underrepresented communities in tech.


How It Works

‍Ilooking for passion and a commitment to growing professionally and contributing to making tech more diverse.

Let's talk about your needs
Let me explore your interests and needs, and we can create a roadmap of mentoring sessions together.

Sessions will happen virtually, making them super flexible for everyone. They will be specific, like consulting hours focused on particular topics.

Who Can Join?

My Mentorship Program

Anyone from an underrepresented community in tech who's looking to learn more about the experience I have the luck to have.

A bunch of things I can help you out off the top of my head:

  • From Zero to Hero: The ins and outs of founding a startup and the journey from idea to execution.
  • Navigating the Challenges of Working in a Non-Native Language: Feeling confident while working in a language that's not your native one can be challenging. I understand the vulnerability that comes with it and I'm here to help.
  • Relationship Goals: Managing partner relationships and why it’s crucial for your startup's success.
  • Growth Hacking: Tips on scaling operations without losing your mind or your shirt.
  • Culture is Key: Building a company culture that attracts top talent and keeps them happy.
  • Conferences and More: Organizing killer conferences that people can’t stop talking about.
  • Scaling Teams: Structuring your teams for success and innovation, and with foundations of growth.
  • Think Design: Leveraging design thinking to solve complex problems.
  • Exit Strategy: Everything about selling your company and what comes after.
  • Big Fish, Small Pond: Integrating into a larger structure after acquisition—keeping your identity while playing part of a bigger game.
  • Lead the Charge: Leadership and marketing strategies that will put you and your startup on the map.
  • Going Global: Navigating internationalization and finding your market niche.

There's a simple online form on my site. I'm looking forward to receive your application.

Let's connect and grow together
Together, we can break barriers, build bridges, and create a tech world that truly refects the diversity of our society

If you feel my experiences could help lift you up, please ping me out
Let's get together