Side Projects

30 Things I Learned from Founding to Selling Our Company | Ebook

Initial Brainstorming

I'm working on an e-book that's all about my rollercoaster ride with 47 Degrees - from the crazy early days of getting it off the ground to scaling it up, selling it, and then figuring out how to fit into the big corporate world. It's packed with the good, the bad, and the ugly of everything I've learned (and messed up) along the way.

I have two beautiful children; in my childhood, with the Boy Scouts, I planted a few trees, and... you know what comes next.

At the moment, I'm immersed in the first phase of my first editorial project.

A book where I aim to collect everything I've learned on this exciting adventure with 47 Degrees, from the early days when we started creating the company, how we scaled and sold it, and finally, what the process of integrating it into a giant corporation was like.

Advice and reflections, successes and screw-ups, strategies and experiences... which I'll pour out honestly in 30 chapters in the hope of helping you if you're at any point on this beautiful and crazy business journey.

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