About Jorge Galindo

I'm eager to share the journey of my business adventure with you, from the initial creation and scaling to eventually selling and integrating the company.
Jorge Galindo
I'm Jorge Galindo.

And I can't stay still.
I like creating beautiful things that make a positive impact. Probably that's why I've ended up dedicating myself to creativity, innovation, and strategic marketing.
I live in Cádiz, a sunny city in the South of Spain 😎
I'd love to share with you the entrepreneurial adventure of my life, creating, scaling, selling, and integrating a company, and everything it involves: its challenges, moments of doubt, right decisions, happy moments, and, of course, the occasional screw-up from which I've always learned a big lesson.

So, please, take a seat. I've saved you the passenger seat in my DeLorean, we're going on a little time travel trip.
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Other things I'd like you to know about me

Two educational experiences that have deeply impacted me were the Foundations of Scaling Program from IESE and the Executive Product Management Programme  from Instituto Tramontana.
My little obsession is vinyl records. I love listening to and buying vinyl albums. I think in this era of streaming music, everyone ends up listening to the same things, and analog forces you to listen to an album from start to finish.

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And as they say, always save the best for last, here it is: the most beautiful things in my life are my children Lola and Momo, and my partner Natalia.