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Alan Turing Project for Talented Tech Professionals

Co-founder and Investor

The Alan Turing Project seeks to provide resources for tech firms to embrace neurodiversity and assist neurodivergent individuals in their professional development.

You know that feeling when your head suddenly goes boom and you see reality in a different way? That's exactly what happened to me during my time at 47 Degrees, on a very specific day when I realized how unprepared the tech industry is to interact appropriately with professionals on the autism spectrum.

Let me tell you. We had a job interview scheduled. So far, so normal, but suddenly, before the interview, we received a guide sent by a candidate on how to ask appropriate questions for someone with Asperger's syndrome. BOOM. This gesture was not only crucial for the success of the interview but also made us reflect on our lack of preparation and the need to gear up for neurodiversity in the workplace.

Thus, the Alan Turing project was born with a dual purpose: to help both companies and neurodivergent professionals in the tech sector.

On one hand, it's an initiative that promotes allocating resources to private tech companies to improve their readiness for neurodiversity. And on the other, to support neurodivergent tech candidates, preparing them to improve their professional careers and facilitate their inclusion in the labor market.

I'm incredibly happy to be able to participate in these kinds of projects, as I can't understand the world without understanding others. Believing that every person you meet is fighting a battle you're not aware of, is the new Punk 🤘.

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