November 10, 2023

Seniority in Action: Leading with calmness in crisis

Seniority in Action: Leading with calmness in crisis

Seniority is often demonstrated through behavior, especially in crises. When unexpected issues arise, those with seniority maintain their composure—staying calm signals to others that a person possesses the experience and confidence to handle the situation effectively.

Let’s focus on solving, and afterwards, on building.

This calmness isn’t just a personal trait but a professional necessity. It allows senior members of a team to lead by example, showing others that even the most daunting problems can be approached methodically. The focus shifts from a reactive posture to a proactive one, where the primary goals are resolving the immediate issue and then analyzing it in depth to understand what happened.

After addressing the crisis, seniors led a thorough evaluation of the event. This step is crucial because it involves a detailed breakdown of the causes and effects of the problem, which leads to insight and learning. Learning from the incident ensures that the same mistakes are not repeated, and the knowledge gained is translated into better processes and preventive measures.

For example, creating guidelines to prevent a recurrent issue or working on retrospectives is crucial for specific environments.

Implementing measures to prevent recurrence is where seniority translates into leadership. It means implementing new policies or safeguards, training staff, and adjusting protocols to bolster the organization’s resilience. Senior professionals will also ensure that these preventive strategies are communicated across the board, ensuring everyone is on the same page and risks are mitigated.

In conclusion, seniority manifests as a beacon of stability and foresight in tumultuous times. By remaining calm, focusing on solutions, evaluating crises thoroughly, and instituting preventive measures, senior professionals prove their worth and reinforce the foundations of their organizations.

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