April 1, 2024

What Are the Values That Define You Professionally?

What Are the Values That Define You Professionally?

In a conversation with a friend, an excellent point was dropped off on the table. What are the professional values you consider you have, or in other words, what is your professional pattern?

These are things you always look forward to or repeat, no matter where and how you work.

This was an excellent opportunity to write down some of which I consider you can find if we work together 😊.

  • For starters, let’s dive into the concept of Continuous Evaluation. My approach to self-critique is deeply ingrained in my experience. I’m a big believer in the necessity of self-criticism and conducting detailed evaluations after every project. This process of reflection isn’t just about avoiding past mistakes—it also strengthens our team dynamics. Openness in sharing weaknesses and learning from them builds a collective strength, making us virtually invincible. I apply this principle in both my leadership and project approach. Celebrating our successes is vital, yet it’s equally crucial to evaluate and learn from our failures to boost our team's effectiveness and keep us humble and open to continuous learning.
  • Moving on to Free Thinking, one of the values I cherish most and a driving force in my career is my tendency to question the conventional. I've always believed in the importance of challenging norms and assumptions about how things should be done. I find great value in unrestricted brainstorming and exploring ideas that challenge the status quo. This passion for hearing out new perspectives has not only allowed me to innovate in my field but also to create safe environments where people feel empowered to share unique visions and creative solutions.
  • In terms of creating Fair Environments, I always measure decisions on what I consider just or unjust. It’s crucial for me not just to identify but also to act against injustices. When making decisions, my first step is to consider the parameters of fairness: Is it fair to the individual involved? Is it fair to the community affected by this decision? This perspective has made me uncomfortable in unfair situations and motivated me to ensure that my actions contribute positively at both individual and collective levels. This approach influences how I lead teams, manage projects, and navigate the complex world of work relationships.
  • Enjoying What I Do is crucial. I believe finding joy in our work is essential for achieving exceptional performance. This philosophy extends to how I view work relationships; it's important to create an environment where we are not just colleagues but also friends who share a common passion. Enjoying your work naturally leads to communicating and sharing that enthusiasm with others, enhancing not just your own performance but also that of those around you.

In conclusion, reflecting on the professional values that define us can lead to a deeper understanding of not only who we are but also how we can contribute more effectively to our environments.

And to you? What are the values that define you professionally? 

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