May 12, 2024

Finding My Way with Personal Side Projects: A Journey of Small Steps

Finding My Way with Personal Side Projects: A Journey of Small Steps

So, spoiler alert: when I say 'Side Project,' I don’t just mean something work-related or tech-focused. For me, it’s about personal projects. This could be anything from learning a new skill (like how to sail a boat) to doing some home improvement (like remodeling the kitchen). It’s about dedicating a specific period of time to create something that didn’t exist before.

Now, let’s dive into how I approach these projects. But first, a little about me—I’m not exactly a 'marathon guy;' I'm more of a sprinter. What does that even mean? Well, I’ve learned that maintaining a constant effort over a long time is tough for me. I start with a burst of passion and energy, but this tends to wane gradually. And you might think, 'Dude, you built a company that grew for over ten years and got sold! You must have some serious resilience.'

Yes, I do, but here’s how I kept my purpose and energy alive through those years: by setting small goals. Small steps, achieved bit by bit.


I set myself little milestones that really light my fire. I meet them (or sometimes don't) and then leap to the next. It’s how I keep things moving, and occasionally, I’m lucky enough to make a real impact—often when I least expect it and without aiming for that impact from the start.

So, how do I handle side projects? By understanding my strengths and weaknesses, I chunk them into quarters. You can check out my side projects page—all of them are planned as intense, short bursts of activity (quarters).

For instance, my project for the first quarter of 2024? It’s actually the website where you’re reading this article right now 🔥.

And what’s on deck for the second quarter? (Yeah, I’m running a tad behind.) I’m pushing forward the Margaret Hamilton School. Expect to hear a lot more about this project soon because what we’re creating is truly BEAUTIFUL.

So, that’s the scoop. If you were looking for some secret formula, sorry to disappoint. It’s really about understanding yourself and tailoring your approach to fit your goals.

What about you? What’s your personal method for tackling projects? Please let me know by Twitter, I'd love to talk about it! 

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