October 9, 2023

The importance of having referents

The importance of having referents

This past week, we enjoyed at our Center of Excellence of Design and Creativity of our first “Sharing Knowledge” session. Our very own Tomasz Czyżowski and Benjy Montoya were sharing in this first edition of “Creative Referents” about the life and examples of Zaha Hadid, Paul Rand (AKA our Papa Logo), and Spike Jonze.

It was an inspiring session, where we shared different points of view about the design and summarized it with a good talking point. Less is more.

And why do we choose these referents? Because our operative squads are called Hadid, Jonze, and Rand. (here is the slide of our All Hands Design when we presented them.)

We call them like this because, in this world of GenAI and automatization, we need to remember the value of the basis of creativity every day.

To focus on what makes us different and to start from there to build amazing things with technology.

🚀 What’s Coming Next: This Wednesday, we’ll dive into the history of our Xebia brand by Olaf Walther. We’ll explore the foundations and delve into source materials, brand books, and other fantastic resources our Center utilizes to create value.

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