October 23, 2023

Cultivating Creativity: How Cultural Diversity Fuels Design Teams

Cultivating Creativity: How Cultural Diversity Fuels Design Teams

In today’s interconnected marketplace, international companies are discovering the unmatched strength found in the diversity of their creative teams. We know in Xebia that one of our superpowers is cultural diversity and one of our most significant points of advantage.

Regarding regional diversity, our Design team is formed by people from India, the Netherlands, Poland, and Spain.

But what does that mean for the Center of Excellence of Creativity and Design?

  • Varied Perspectives: A diverse design team brings many viewpoints, ensuring products and campaigns resonate deeply with a global audience.
  • Better Problem-Solving: Varied backgrounds lead to diverse thinking, cultivating innovation and fresh solutions.
  • Global Authenticity: A blend of cultural insights guarantees relevant products globally and avoids cultural faux pas.
  • Continuous Learning and Sharing Knowledge: Diversity promotes an exchange of global design techniques and fosters a culture of constant learning. Our “Sharing Knowledge” sessions are geared towards training and educating our team. These sessions provide a platform for our designers to share, learn, and grow collectively.
  • Reflecting Society: A diverse team mirrors the rich tapestry of global societies, ensuring designs are culturally sensitive and relevant.

Diving into Specific Cultures: We’ve begun sessions focusing on specific cultural design perspectives to enhance our global understanding. Our recent session on India, led by our colleague Sai Chimakurthi, shed light on Indian referents, offering an overview of Indian culture and its unique understanding of design.

Did you know that in India Culture, every color has significance? For example, black absorbs negativity, and purple (yes, our Xebia’s Purple) means Royalty.

How can a designer work without knowing these essential messages? We must understand the regional perspectives to add those ingredients and flavors to our design.

This is part of our broader initiative, with upcoming sessions centered on Spain, the Netherlands, and Poland.

In conclusion, diversity isn’t just a benefit — it’s a crucial component. It drives innovation, broadens appeal, and ensures our designs are culturally nuanced and informed.

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